"This Holistic System will show you how to Eliminate the Tingling Hands, the Carpaltunelsyndrom and Numbness in your Arms, Hands and Fingers within a very short period and all by yourself!"

Healing Massage Therapist, Holistic Therapist and Former Sufferer Teaches You How To:

Eliminate your Tingling Hands, your Numbness within a short Period

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Discover How To Heal Yourself From Tingling Hands, Carpaltunelsyndrom and Numbness in Arms, Hands and Fingers.


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Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible!


Hello Vistors und Seekers!

I am very excited that you found this page! You are probably doing online research because you suffer from tingling hands, arms, or fingers. Do you have an unpleasant numb feeling, tingling hands or arms in the most inconvenient situations? Do you wake up at night because the pain or the tingling is unbearable?

Do you feel the same way?

In most cases tingling hands have their source in the spine but also in different blocked acupuncture points (mostly around the joints). Through these obstructions in the energy paths (=meridians) where your acupuncture-points are located restrictions of the body are developed. This means: massive blockings of the lymphatic system, blockings of the blood flow, and dysfunction of the nervous system. The consequences are often tingling or numb sensations. 
On a regular basis I have patients who deal with these problems.

But first let me introduce myself:

My name is Johannes Gansterer and I work as an energetic therapist and masseur in Tyrol, Austria. I have almost 15 years of work experience in this field. In many cases I was able to initiate the self-healing process and through different approaches in therapy I witnessed success. Since I also work in web design, I personally spend a lot of time in front of the computer as well. Within a short period I noticed the symptoms of tingling and numbness in my own hands. If I did not have all the knowledge to counteract this problem I would probably need therapy by now too.

You're about to discover what might be the most powerful cure system ever developed:

Success Story: Doreen: "3 weeks later I was without pain and still am until this day"

success story1


Success Story: Roland Boschenstein: "Your exercises did help me systematically"

success story roland


Success Story: Margot Schmidt: "I follow the exercises and thank the universe every day for feeling good again!"

success story margot


Success Story: Bella Azucenas: "I have 100% satisfaction everytime!"


Therefore, I would like to introduce you to a self-developed system: how to treat and cure your pain all by yourself. I offer this concept only since the end of 2008 and it already has more than a 1200 users. At least 90% of my users, who followed my instructions seriously achieved success and healing.

Here I offer you an instruction book specialized on the carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, and tingling hands. Step by Step you will be able to get back into harmony or to put it another way: you will achieve healing within a very short period of time! You can start immediately!
A written document with describing pictures and instructions will guide you through a methodic exercise course.

Get the SELF-HEALING Report NOW:

These successfully approved therapy instructions lead to a steady stretching and achieve a complete opening of all channels.
In a gentle way you will be guided to the ideal mental attitude, to exercises for hands and arms, to a target-oriented vitalization of all affected joints, plus to an uncomplicated self-regulation of the cervical spine.
The Report is constantly revised and extended. After buying the current version you will get all UPDATES FOR FREE.

60 - Day - Money-back guarantee: Quick recovery or you will get a 100% refund! Test the report and follow the instructed exercises exactly. If no recovery is initiated you can cancel purchase and I will give you a full refund!

FREE e-mail support: With the purchase of the report you will get the great opportunity to ask your own personal questions concerning the topic.
All questions will be answered for FREE and if possible within 24 hours!

You will receive the report immediately after the payment via email

Get it right now for

only $27


And remember: there is no risk at all. No recovery and you will get your money back!
I wish you all the best and good luck with the healing of your tingling hands and arms!


Johannes Gansterer 


NOTE: The Selfhealing- Book is a downloadable e-book. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-book  onto your computer. The e-book format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.

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